This is a 12 week, full-time boot camp for anyone who wants to start working with building websites and digital products.

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Start learning how to build websites and digital products to reach and affect many people. Enable digital creativity with tools like programming and technology. Change direction and start work with web development.

In 12 weeks, you’ll learn the essentials to start working as a junior web developer. It will be intense – we promise that. The modules will cover everything from the basics of programming to how to structure and build bigger web projects. We’ll focus mainly on JavaScript - one of the most popular languages right now.

Learn with real-world projects

You’ll always learn from real programmers and work with popular tech companies. We’ll make sure you learn the latest technologies and tools. Together you’ll build real-world projects, websites, and digital products.

Focus areas

  • Fundamental programming concepts
  • Internet and web knowledge
  • Structuring web projects
  • Programming tools and techniques
  • Frontend development
  • JavaScript
  • React – A technology from Facebook
  • Server-side coding with Node.js

Who is this for?

Anyone who wants to change direction and start work with web development. You will have great possibilities to start work as a junior developer afterwards.

No prior programming knowledge is necessary, and you needn’t be working in the tech industry currently. However, you do need to complete our entry assessment in order to be selected.

How to apply

Five steps to join the program

  1. Do the Coding Challenge. Try some programming and build a small website.
  2. Fill in Your Application. Tell us who you are and your reflections from the coding challenge
  3. Jury Selection. A jury from the industry will go through all applications.
  4. Interview. Let's get to know each other better over a phone interview
  5. Join the Program! You start on November 6

Why a coding challenge? We know that you are a beginner at programming - we will not judge your solution based on the quality of your code. However, we want to see that you’ve touched on programming and know what you’re getting yourself into.

Applications are now closed.

More information

Your future is bright. By 2020, there will be a lack of 60 000 developers in Sweden, and 1 million across Europe. Basically, there’s a great demand for web developers. The average salary for developers in the beginning of their career is 30-40k SEK / month (Source: Unionen)

Our network is big. Our organization currently has around 20 partners who are all interested in recruiting developers and many more that want to get in touch with course participants. Also, each participant will get help to set up interviews and get in touch with our big existing networks of tech companies. It’s also in our interest that you get a job. During the program you will have the possibility to meet, work with, and visit many tech companies.

Technigo is a new form of education, a fast-paced tech education formed to teach the latest technologies. We run our program in two week sprints. Each sprint will have a theme, a learning goal and a project based on real world problems and briefs. We’ll end with a demo where you will show your projects for the class, teachers and external guests from the industry. The final sprint is dedicated for a bigger team project.

You will get a mentor who works industry. A person that will help you with code reviews, help advise you, and to help push you forward to get into the industry.

The tuition fee is 35 000 SEK, where 15 000 SEK is paid up front to reserve your seat, and the rest after the program is complete. Unfortunately, CSN funding is not available.

Employeer sponsored seats

You can apply either individually, or be sponsored by your employer. The latter option is great when companies want to move internal competence to tech and programming. Download all information about employer sponsored seats or get in touch at hello@technigo.io

Next start date

November 6, 2017


Applications are now closed.


“Varvet” at Långholmen in Stockholm, Södermalm. Mälarvarvsbacken 8.

Tuition fee – Individuals

35 000 SEK incl. VAT.

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Tuition fee – Employeer sponsored

Download information.

"I went to NYC and spent 12 weeks studying and coding. This led to a Graduate position at Paradox Interactive, starting this fall"

Sara Johanna Lindström

Participant at 12 week program - Recurce Center.

Cuurently a Game Developer at Paradox Interactive.

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