Technology is moving fast. Things we couldn’t imagine yesterday already feel old. In these exciting times we cannot stop learning. We will never be finished. It is the new status quo. There will always be something new to learn.

Technigo is a new form of education, a fast paced tech education formed to teach the latest technologies. For us, technology is creative. It’s a tool that enables you to reach and affect many people globally. We are a popup school, currently at Långholmen in Stockholm, Södermalm. Together with successful tech companies we educate people to build future web experiences.

Technigo is founded by the creators of Tjejer Kodar, Sandra Hindskog and Hanna Pettersson. So far we have educated over 450 people in programming by popular courses and internal educations for companies. We are listed as one of the most successful women in Sweden by Expressen and most powerful women in tech by ELLE Magasin.

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