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Explained: Code and tech terms explained simply
A series of articles to explain, hard to grasp, technical concepts simply.
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Empowering Swedish regions with digital skills.
Free EU-founded courses by local collaborations.
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Who we are

Why you should hang out with us

Sandra Hindskog and Jennie Dalgren having coffee

Fully remote with a focus on friendship and community.

We don't do average online courses. We have an holistic approach to tech studies with a focus on friendship, inclusivity, trust and personal growth. Expect team work, monthly meditation classes, creative workshops, Slack discussions, and many many more fun activities during and after our Boot Camps.

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Be empowered with tech and design skills.

We take pride in explaining the latest technologies, methods and tools in a fun and engaging way. We empower more people to take a seat at the table, pushing innovation forward.

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95% hiring rate for career changers.

Our course curriculums are co-created with people from the industry. We only teach relevant hands-on skills that are attractive in today's job market. We’re proud to have a 95% hiring rate six months after graduation for those joining us with a career change in mind.

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We're super happy to be able to say that 90% of participants in our boot camps are women – that's unheard of!


During 2021, more than 8,000 people have learned new programming skills through our programs, courses and webinars.


Our Remote Frontend Boot Camp has a five-star rating from our previous participants.

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Meet our growing community of life-long learners.

Stories from our community

All about my crush on React.js

Written by Estefanía Quevedo Lusby. Web development boot camp student, spring 2021.

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My road to professional re-invention

Written by Malin Venesjö. Web development boot camp student, spring 2021.

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Taking a leap — learning to code and change career

Written by Emma Urman. Web development boot camp student, fall 2020.

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