From Graphic Design to Web Development

Name Suki (Nhung) Phan

Background Graphic Designer

Current Frontend Developer at Diffo Solutions

Graduation June 2022


Suki is originally from Vietnam, and she moved to Finland in 2017 for university. Graphic design was her first career after graduation and now she works as a web developer.

”After working in the design industry for a few years, I felt that design served the purpose of solving problems with an attractive visual form. However, it still lacks logical thinking, which is one of my strong points.”

Why did you join Technigo boot camp?

Unfortunately, I found it difficult to find a suitable coding program in Finland, as the application process is quite complicated and requires advanced coding knowledge. I stumbled upon Technigo while searching for an alternative. They offer remote, part-time study that allows students to work while pursuing their dream career.

Learning to code

Suki found the process of learning to code quite challenging. “You need full concentration, effort, and practice to succeed. My experience with Technigo was positive.”

“The learning path was excellent, the tutors were experienced, and the student support was excellent. My favourite part of the course was the environment where we were encouraged to ask questions and help others.”

During the first month at the boot camp, I felt exhausted, overwhelmed, and frustrated. The schedule was so packed that I did not know when to take a break. In order to keep up with progress, I started to create an effective schedule for myself, practice coding outside of the classroom and help others solve their coding problems. Five months after graduation, I began applying for jobs and landed a new position.

How do you feel about your developer job?

Currenly I work as a frontent developer and I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to work for my current employer. The people are very friendly and supportive. My daily tasks include developing the company's website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript frameworks. Additionally, I assist them in designing user interfaces. To me, learning how design and development collaborate is a worthwhile experience. As part of my employment at the company, I have been offered a development program that strengthens my skills, motivates me, and prepares me to take on new challenges.

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