Technigo Bootcamps

Payment Options

For our bootcamps, you always have two payment options to choose from.

The prices are different depending on the option you choose.

1. Pay now. You can pay the total amount upfront. This is the lowest price.

Upfront: 5500 € | 59900 SEK incl. VAT

Total: 5500 € | 59900 SEK incl. VAT

3. Pay monthly for 12 months. You pay 30% upfront when accepting your seat, and the remainder is payable in equal instalments throughout 12 months starting on the first month of the bootcamp.

Upfront: 1770 € | 19500 SEK incl. VAT

Monthly: 344 € | 3792 SEK incl. VAT × 12 months

Total: 5900 € | 65000 SEK incl. VAT

You can pay in EUR or in SEK.

For more information, read the terms and conditions.

When does the monthly fee start?

It starts on the same month as the bootcamp start date.

When do I pay the upfront payment?

The upfront payment of 30% is invoiced when you choose to officially accept your seat – applying is not binding.

Is this program CSN approved? What are the financing options in Sweden?

We don't have any co-operation with CSN currently and our educations are not eligible for student aid through CSN because our program is too short. However some students have gotten financial aid from their unions, A-kassa (if you're not working) and we have different kinds of payment plans to accommodate everyone's financial situations.

Can I pay in Swedish SEK?

Yes, you can choose SEK when you accept your seat and officially enrol.

My company will pay for my seat, why can I not choose the monthly plans?

We have made great effort to make our boot camps affordable for individuals with monthly payment plans. If you are a company it's normally easier for both of us if we only make it into one invoice.

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