Free for all boot camp students πŸ’Έ

Career Change

Career Coaching and Mentorship Program

Included in the boot camp fee – professional help to start your new career.

92% hiring rate among career changers

We have combined all of our knowledge from working with hundreds of career changers into a program to help you kick-start your new career.

We are proud to have such a high success rate among career changers joining our career program. 92% of participants have got a job within six months of graduating from our web development boot camps. Joining a completely new industry requires more than just skills – building a network, working on your online profile, and nailing those interviews are equal parts of your success.

We know that job searching can be a struggle. We have created a program filled with one-to-one coaching with professional career coaches, guest speakers, mentorship, and other activities to help you find the perfect job.

The Career Coaching and Mentorship Program is optional and free to join for all students, and runs alongside the boot camp. Expect weekly assignments and coaching that will push you forward towards your dream job.

Program details

Four weeks after the boot camp starts.

End date
At boot camp graduation. For all students who are actively participating in the Career Coaching and Mentorship Program, we are also offering professional coaching for up to six months after graduation!

Pricing πŸ’³
Free – included in the boot camp fee.

Scope πŸ—“
Minimum of 1-2 hours per week for 16 weeks.

What you will get

How to pitch yourself to employers

How should you build your profile and talk about yourself in your new role when your CV and background say something else? Get professional help to build an attractive job profile for recruiters.

Build a new professional network

Having a network is crucial for landing a new job. Get help and support in how to reach out to companies and people in the industry.

Learn and share experiences with your peers.

During your job-seeking process, you will certainly run into interesting situations, difficult questions during interviews, or hard choices that will affect your future career. In the Career Coaching and Mentorship Program, we share our experiences to make each other better.

Bookable one-to-one sessions with a career coach

Sometimes you need individual help to prepare for an interview, a recruitment test or just to get feedback on your profile. Our career coaches are there for you and can give valuable insights into how recruitment processes work and how you can stand out.

Coaching Team

A few of those you will meet in the boot camp.

Petra Stenqvist

Career coach at Technigo. 
Proffesional career coach and former tech recruiter with 10+ years of experience helping people get jobs in tech.

Lina Lavender

Founder Presentera mera. 
Coach in public speaking and retorics helping our students to find their voice and pitch themselves as developers.

Becki Wordsworth

Dev Team Lead at HiotLabs
Fullstack developer and ex. tech recruiter sharing her insights in how tech recruiters work and how to grab their attention on LinkedIn.

"I got noticed on LinkedIn by my dream job thanks to the program, so THANK YOU for all the great encouragement and coaching β€οΈπŸš€πŸ˜"

"Hey, I did my first day as a frontend developer – the first job that I applied for. I would like to thank you for pushing us to record a video pitch during the career program. This assignment felt way out of my comfort zone but after 30 recordings πŸ˜… I felt really happy with. This video has impressed on several of my new colleague and they told me it really made me standout from the crowd among other applicants."

"The Career Coaching Program was beyond my expectations and it was also one of the main reasons why I wanted to sign up for the bootcamp.I received more than enough help and guidance to build my profile and information about what recruitment processes look like within tech.So I felt very prepared when the time came to apply to jobs and I had a good idea of what to expect and what needed to be done in order to land a job.I'm very happy I got this help!"

Start a new career in web development or UX design


92 percent of those completing our career program get a new career within 6 months from graduation. πŸš€


85 percent of people joining our boot camps have no previous experience before applying.


There is currently a demand for 1 million developers in Europe.

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The Career and Mentorship Program is included in:

22 weeks remote
Starting 2024.01.29

For beginners

Become a
web developer

For anyone looking to change career into programming

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22 weeks remote
Starting 2024.01.29

For beginners

Become a
UX designer

For anyone looking to change career into UX Design

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