How we help you to start your new career

All students have the option to join our Career Coaching Program for free as part of their Boot Camp journey. Get help from our career coaches to build your profile and extend your network to land your dream job.

95% hiring rate for career changers

We have combined all of our knowledge from working with hundreds of candidates in tech into a program to help you build your network and nail future interviews.

We are proud to have such a high success rate among career changers joining our Career coaching program. 95% of participants have got a job within six months of graduation from our web development boot camps. Joining a completely new industry requires more skills than just technology – building a network, changing how you present yourself, and nailing those interviews are equal parts of your success.

We know that job search can be a struggle. We have created a program filled with one-to-one coaching with professional career coaches, guest speakers, mentorship, and other activities to help you find a new job.

The Career Coaching Program is free to join for all students and runs in parallel with the Boot Camp, specifically designed for career changers. Expect weekly assignments and coaching that will push you forward towards your dream job.

Main focus areas:

  • Creating an attractive profile. Make a good first impression with an interesting profile
  • Developing communication and interview skills. Practice with recruiters and fellow students
  • Building a strong network. Become an active member in the tech community

Members of your coaching team

Career Coaching Basics

Program start date: Four weeks into the boot camp.

Program end date: At boot camp graduation. For all students who are actively participating in the career coaching program we are offering professional coaching up to six months after graduation!

Pricing: Included in the boot camp fee.

Scope: Minimum 1-2 hours weekly.

Length: 16 weeks.

What’s included?

Coaching and feedback

Including one-to-one coaching and group coaching in all stages of the job searching process. Coaching is offered to six months after graduation!

External career mentorship

Support in finding a mentor from the industry and guidance in how to work efficiently together with a mentor during the program.

Guest Speakers

We invite inspiring speakers and experts on different parts of the recruitment process.

Activities to prepare you for job search

Exercises and training to prepare you for the tech recruitment process.

Our community of alumni

Access our private alumni network with hundreds of graduates who've already been hired.

Career coaching book

Get our e-book with tips and tools for career changers.

How this works

Our Career Coaching foundations

Help in pitching yourself as your new role to companies

How do you build your profile and talk about yourself in your new role when your CV and background say something else? Get professional help to build an attractive job profile for recruiters.

Get out of your comfort zone to build your network.

Having a network is crucial for landing a new job. Get help and support in how to reach out to companies and people in the industry.

Sandra Hindskog and Jennie Dalgren having coffee

Learn and share experiences with your peers.

During your job-seeking process, you will for sure run into interesting situations, difficult questions on interviews or choices that will affect your future career. In the Career Coaching Program, we share our experiences to make each-other better.

Mentorship by a proffessional recruiter.

Recruiters spend their days finding great developers just like you. We will help you to team up with a personal career mentor to give insight into their way of thinking and find out how to wow recruiters with your profile and interview skills.


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Reflections from career changers

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Meet Petra πŸ‘‹, one of our career coaches

"I have a background within HR, recruitment, and as an IT Consulting Manager at companies such as Mojang and Recommended By. For the past five years, I've been active in the tech industry with a focus on supporting junior developers, building their profiles, and onboarding.

Today I help career changers at Technigo to land their first job in tech – I push them to go outside their comfort zone and support them when they do... and I love it. Other things I love are my son, my friends, my family, travel, laughing, and great food (nothing is better than food πŸ˜‹)

Do you have any questions for me? I would love to hear from you personally through video, audio, or text and you will get a personal video reply back." Ask Petra.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you guarantee a job if I join the Career Coaching Program?

We don't control the market and therefore we can't guarantee a job, but we have 95% hiring rate so it's proven that the Career Coaching Program helps you to land a job.

Is the Career Coaching Program included in the Boot Camp schedule?

No. It's an extra program run in parallel with the Boot Camp, starting four weeks into the Boot Camp and ending at graduation. Career Coaching Program lectures and coaching sessions will not clash with the Boot Camp schedule.

How much time am I expected to spend?

It's up to you how much time you want to spend to reach your goals and get your dream job. For the assignments and lectures, we recommend one to two hours/week.

Can I wait and sign up later to the program?

We plan our resources after the first sign up, so we can't guarantee that there will be any free spots left if you sign up afterwards. Book your seat when you sign up to the boot camp :)