Become a UX Designer

This is a 22-week intensive User Experience Boot Camp for anyone that wants to learn how to design meaningful digital products using collaborative tools and data-driven design.
We teach you UX design and help you land a new job.

In just 22 weeks, you will learn how to go from idea to product using a fully digital workflow focused on collaboration, inclusivity, and insights from data.

As a UX designer, you will be a core member of any product team. You'll work with the user in mind, conducting user research, using digital tools to gain data and insights so you can design prototypes using the latest technology. You will have a holistic approach to UX with an understanding of how technology, business goals and user experience all affect your priorities and design decisions. After the program you are ready to launch a new career in UX design with the help from our professional career coaches.


  • Next program starts

    October 4, 2022
  • Application deadlines
    Apply before June 12 for early bird pricing.

Apply before June 12 to access early bird pricing.
Apply now.

About this program

Our concept is simple. We’ve handpicked professional UX designers to train you to become a job-ready UX designer.

After 22 weeks you will have the skills to start working as a UX professional with methods such as design thinking, google design sprint, user research, collaborative design, data driven ux design, prototyping and more.

Main learning outcomes

  • The UX design process
    Learn how to solve problems like a designer based on the Design Thinking Methodology.  Empathise with users, learn to define their problems, lead ideation workshops, and prototype and test ideas.
  • UX design toolbox
    Start building your UX toolbox with methods such as customer journey mapping, personas, wireframing and more.
  • Scalable user research based on data
    Learn how to get user insights from data and be confident in using and setting up analytic tools. 
  • Protoyping and coding
    Turn your ideas into testable prototypes using basic web programming skills.
  • Inclusive design
    Design products with everyone in mind. Learn the basics of accessibility and UX writing
  • Collaborative design
    How to work together or lead workshops remotely using tools like Figma, Figjam, Notion and Slack.

Who is this for?

  • Career Changers. Get all the tools you need to start working as a UX designer and help with landing a job afterwards. We have a proven track record of working successfully with career changers based on our close connections within the tech industry..
  • Upskillers. Add UX design to your toolbox. Solving problems using design principles and working more user centric are valuable skills regardless of your current role.
  • Reskillers. You might have worked with UX for a while but want to update your skills for the digital age. We believe that working using collaborative tools, gaining user insights at scale using data, and building fast prototypes will be your biggest takeaways.


Next start dates:
October 4, 2022.
Apply by: June 12 to access early bird pricing. Seats are limited and we don't have a final deadline.
We apply first-served, first-come for all applicants.
Apply sooner rather than later to secure your seat.
Format: 100% online. Mixed flexible work with online meet-ups.
Scope: 22 weeks (2+20 weeks incl. a 2 week pre-course)
Pace: Part-time.
Career help: Our career program is included.

Early Birds get 10% off
– Apply before June 12.

68 000 SEK incl. VAT
Including our career program.

Payment Option:

1. Monthly payment with 20% upfront.

2. Pay 50% upfront and 50% halfway through the training. Read more.

Schedule: Download class schedule.

Learn with support from

Engaging course material
We take pride in making lectures, practices and projects fun, creative and easy to understand.

Learn modern, relevant tools
We work in close collaboration with the industry and ensure that the skills you'll learn are the ones that are most in demand right now.

Weekly industry guests
We invite guests from the industry each week to share knowledge about their expertise or their workplace.

Remote at its best
We’ve perfected the remote experience over years. Expect to combine weekly online sessions with flexible remote work that you plan yourself and in your team.

Career Coaching
All boot camp students can choose to join our Career Program as part of their admission. Build up your skills to land that dream job of yours.

Daily interactions
We have a holistic approach to tech studies with a focus on friendship.

Create with us

How we designed this program

No teachers. Learn from professional UX designers.

Each week we invite expert guests, agencies and companies to push your learning forward. You will learn the latest directly from experts while building your network in UX.

Build a portfolio full of projects. We'll teach you how.

We know that a great portfolio is necessary to start working with UX Design. During the program you will build up your portfolio with real-world projects ready to show any future employer.

Fully remote with a focus on friendship and community.

We don't do average online courses. We have an holistic approach to tech and design studies with a focus on friendship, team work, inclusivity, trust and personal growth. Expect to join your team on day one.

Study from anywhere. Create your own schedule and combine work and study.

We mix flexible remote work that you plan yourself with scheduled weekly sessions with our coaches and your team. The program is on half-pace which means you can combine half-time work and your studies.

Career Coaching For Your Next Step

Join our career mentorship program to get proffesional help to change career.

Included in the boot camp fee is our 12 week career coaching program. Regardless if you want to completely change career into UX or add UX to your exisiting role; our career coaches will help you to maximize the outcome of the program.

  • One-to-one coaching and group coaching with proffesional career coaches.
  • Bi-weekly course material; readings, videos and assignments to push your career ahead.
  • Talks and meetings with invited guest and experts
  • Help to find a personal career mentor.
  • Our career coaching handbook