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All About the UX Design Boot Camp

Vaida Pakulyte
UX Lead & Coach at Technigo

What will I learn?

To tell you about what to expect from our program and to answer your questions, we have arranged a session for you with our UX coach Vaida. Join us for a short presentation explaining how the UX Design Boot Camp has been designed, and how you can become a more attractive candidate within the job market. Vaida will go into the program specifics so that you will have a clear picture of how you can become a UX designer or upskill within our boot camp. The presentation will be followed by a live, anonymous Q&A session. Get all your questions answered!



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🗓 When: September 7th, 17:00 CEST
📌 Where: Online
⏳ Duration: 30 min

We're a female-founded, remote-first community helping people get a career they love. 90% of those attending our boot camps are women.