Free workshop

Try coding in Stockholm

Take your first steps into programming at this creative evening along with drinks, snacks and new friends. 🍻

Try coding for the first time!

In collaboration with our friends at Axakon, our alumna Vanessa and Lovisa will host our popular coding workshop 🎉. Join an evening with code and wine whilst we walk you through the basics of web development. Expect to get your hands dirty – at the end of the session, you will have created your first small web project!

What to expect

  • Learn about the superpower that is coding 🚀
  • Try the basics of web programming using HTML and CSS
  • Create a small web project, all designed by you
  • Enjoy a creative workshop with alumnas from Technigo

Why are we doing this for free?

We simply believe that the superpower that is programming belongs to everyone.

The workshop is 100% free, but we have a no-show fee of 15 EUR since we will order snacks and wine to all attendees. Last day to cancel your reservation is May 30th, 2023. You have to be 18+ old to attend.



Free Evening Workshop

When: June 14, 18:00-21:00 CEST

Where: Axakon, Linnégatan 87A, 115 23 Stockholm

What you need: Bring your own computer. Drinks and snacks are on us 🍻.

Price: 100% free

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