Learn JavaScript and APIs in just 9 weeks.

Start creating using one of the most used and fastest growing programming languages. Get help and feedback from professional developers.

Build JavaScript projects for your portfolio

JavaScript is the fastest growing and most loved programming language by professional developers today. Almost every website and a large number of mobile apps use JavaScript - you interact with it daily; from adding something to Pinterest to liking a photo on Instagram. JavaScript is everywhere.

In this course, we will explore how to build interactive websites and use JavaScript to access and pull data from APIs.
An API is a way to access external data in your projects. For example, the data might come from social media, financial services, or news sources. There are thousands of open APIs to access and use.
Our concept is simple. You will build three projects based on pre-recorded video lectures, engaging coding practices, drawing kits, and project briefs.

Get help by booking a 1:1 with our coaches or reaching out on Slack for daily mentorship. When you have finished a project; advance with valuable feedback on your code.

After this course, you will be able to

  • Build interactive web sites with JavaScript. 

  • Know the fundamental concepts of programming – that also translates to other programming languages. 

  • Be able to fetch data from any open API. 

  • Understand the process behind web development. 

  • Interact better with professional developers. 

What will I create?

You need real projects to learn real skills. Download the course syllabus for a breakdown of the project briefs we will work on during the course.

Members of your coaching team


Start on March 22nd, 2021
Limited seats.

Level: Intermediate. See below for prerequisites.
Format: 100% remote.
Schedule: Flexible. Online intro session March 22nd 9-12.00.
Scope: 60 hours, workload: ~1 day a week.
Length: 9 weeks.

869 Euro including sales tax. 

Payment is due when excepting your seat.

Download the course syllabus for more info.


Limited Seats. Sign up now.

What's included?

Weekly course bundle

All material is 100% remote, study when it fits your schedule.

Secret start kit
Your very own “Become a developer kit” sent to you by post.

3 x real-world project briefs
Spend 3 weeks on each project.

3 x code reviews for feedback
Advance as a developer with feedback on each project.

4 x 1:1 sessions with coaches
Book a time slot that fits your schedule.

Your class of new friends
Start together; gain support and inspiration from each-other during the course.

Daily mentorship
Our coaches are there during the daytime to help you with your code.

Lifetime access to our remote community
Join thousands of other life-long learners for inspiration, help, and feedback.

How you will learn

What should I expect from the course?

Join your class from anywhere. Plan your own time.

The course is pre-recorded and adapted to a busy pace of life. Feel free to join your class in your own time, anywhere, using your computer. You will get a weekly course bundle with everything you need to finish your projects. Expect to spend around 7 hours per week.

Get coached by professional developers. Receive feedback on your code.

Our coaches offer daily support and will cheer you on in our dedicated Slack channels. If you feel stuck; no question is a dumb question and you can always book a 1:1 to talk directly to a coach. The feedback after each project will make you a better developer.

Engaging remote studies with creativity at its core

For us coding is creative. We take pride in making lectures, practices, and projects fun, creative, and easy to understand. This is not your average passive online course. Expect plenty of interaction with your peers and coaches. You will not be alone on this journey.

Next course start

March 22nd

Limited seats, sign up to grab yours.

  • Get help, mentorship, and feedback for 9 weeks.
  • Learn JavaScript and how to use APIs.
  • Join your class.
  • Study on your own time from anywhere.

  • Finish three JavaScript projects and get feedback on your code.
  • Become part of our community of life-long learners.

What will I learn?

Learn what JavaScript is and when you should use it.

Deep dive into more functions using scope and closures.

How to work with browser interactions such as clicks, hovers, and scroll events.

What an API is and how you can use it.

The fundamentals concepts of JavaScript and any programming language such as variables, data types, arrays, loops, and more.

Fetch and use data from an open API for your applications.

How to divide your code into reusable snippets using functions.

How to store data using objects and why they are the very foundation of the JavaScript language.

What am I expected to know before this course?

Structuring content with HTML. We expect that you have used HTML before and know how to use tags to structure content.

Styling webpages in CSS. You should have styled webpages in CSS before and be familiar with classes and IDs, which you’ll use in this course.