Frequently Asked Questions about the Technigo Boot Camp

What is the difference between taking only part 1 or both parts of the program?

You can choose to take the full-program or the two different parts separately. Part 1 is aimed for basic understanding of how to build web pages. After finishing the module, you will be able to build more simple web pages by yourself using HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Attending both parts will give you all the necessary skills to start working as a junior frontend developer. The biggest difference in content are the React sprints that will give you the tools to build more advanced user interfaces.

Can I take Part 1 first and then decide to take Part 2?

Yes. However, you need to finish all projects of Part 1 and meet all learning requirements before you can continue with Part 2.

Can I work full time and still join on the boot camp?

This boot camp will be tough and we expect you to spend 20 hours per week – there's a lot to learn in only 24 weeks. If you feel that this is doable with your current job situation, it's fine by us. Otherwise we suggest you reduce your hours or make sure you can do course work during your work hours. You need to be present during the weekly webinar sessions and on the collaboration sessions. See the course syllabus and course schedule for the times specific to your program.

What are my job possibilities after the program?

If you're attending both parts of the program, you will have acquired all the skills you need to start working as a junior frontend developer. For those students that have finished both parts and meet all requirements, we offer career services and help to find a job in programming. We do not promise jobs after the program, but we promise that we will help you get in touch with tech companies and setup interviews – if you want to. Those students that have taken our help searching for jobs have gotten jobs right after finishing their education with Technigo.

How does the job market for programmers look like?

Your future is bright! By 2020, there will be a lack of 70 000 developers in Sweden, and 1 million across Europe. Basically, there’s a great demand for web developers. The average salary for developers in the beginning of their career is 28-34k SEK / month (Source: Unionen)

What prior knowledge is needed to attend the program?

No prior programming knowledge is required, and you don't have to be working in the tech industry currently. However, you do need to complete our entry assessment in order to be selected.

Can only women attend Technigo boot camps?

Absolutely not. Everyone is welcome! But we're proud to have have a big share of female participants.

What are the payment terms?

The payment is divided in two occasions. 50% of the course fee is to be payed before the program starts and the remaining 50% will be invoiced half way through the program. Both will be invoiced with 10 days payment terms. Unfortunately, CSN funding is not available.