Available Scholarships

Single Parent Scholarship

50% off the course fee. Powered by Technigo.

We couldn't be more than impressed by single parents and would love to help more people get a new career in the fast-growing tech industry. So, we're offering two seats at our boot camps at half the price for households with half the income.

What we're offering: Two seats for each Boot Camp class at a 50% discount, regardless of payment option. The offer is only available at regular prices, not early bird pricing.

On what: All Boot Camps starting during 2023.

Who's eligible: Any single parent, from any country, that can prove that their household only has one income and has at least one child.

How to apply: Send in your application like any other student, following the application flow on our website. Then, please send an additional email to with the subject "Single Parent Scholarship", along with proof that you are eligible (tax report or similar), and let us know why we should choose you for one of the scholarship seats. To be able to be chosen you need to get accepted on your application to the program and provide the information needed. We will then choose two people of those applying that will be offered the scholarship seats for the class that you are applying for.

We will respond to all applications for scholarship seats one week after the official deadline of the application period.

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