Start building websites. 
Free 4-day course.

Try out web programming and get started to build your own web projects. Get help from our community of life-long learners.

Free with instant access to course material.

Go from a complete beginner to have your first website online

This course is a great starting point for anyone that is curious about web development and would like to see if programming is for you. During four days you will build your first web projects and learn the basics of the two biggest languages for web programming today.

Your coaches have all changed careers themselves into tech and are a mix of previous students of ours and teachers from our remote boot camp and courses. They will teach you the basics in HTML and CSS and, during the last day, how to publish your website online.

How does this work?

Every day you will get a shorter video lecture together with today’s code challenge. You will also get daily words and phrases to help you get up to speed with the language involved in programming.

The course is online and you can take the course at any time. To your help, we have an open Slack channel for all participants to help and get inspired by each other.

Looking to apply for our boot camp?

This course is a great starting point to test if programming is for you. The pre-recorded lectures are borrowed from our remote boot camp to give you a hint of what to expect. Looking for more 1:1 time with teachers, more challenging projects, feedback on your code, live code sessions, career program, and team projects? Join the boot camp this spring for the full experience.

Members of your coaching team


Start date: Accessible after signup.

Level: Beginner.

Format: 100% remote. 

Scope: 12 hours (3 hours per day).

Length: 4 days.

Equipment: A computer with admin rights.

Forever free.

What's included?

Daily course bundle

All material is 100% remote, study when it fits your schedule.

Lifetime access to our remote community
Join thousands of other life-long learners for inspiration, help and feedback.

Daily code challenges
Create one smaller project each day.

Help on Slack
Access our Slack channel for all participants and help each other.

Buy extra! 1:1 sessions with coaches
Get extra help, coaching, or feedback on your code with our dedicated coaches. Book a private session for only 10 Euro.

What will I learn?

The basics in HTLM and CSS

Relevant words and phrases.

Try out making layouts for webpages using Flexbox.

Publish your website to the internet.

Become a part of our community of life-long learners.