Make Food with Code. Learn Creative Coding with Valerie Fuchs.

Two hour free remote workshop on May 5th and 7th.

Let’s cook with code 🍽. We're psyched to welcome Valerie Fuchs @madame_robot to host her popular Code Cusine workshops for our community. Join us for a fun combination of edutainment, online lectures and interactive workshops featuring a puppet show, themed music and props. You'll learn just enough coding to draw the "dish of the day" using JavaScript.

The workshop is aimed at creativity-minded code newbies who are looking for a fun introduction into (creative) coding.

How do I grab a seat?

RVSP via the link below for more detailed information about the session and to find out how you can grab a seat. Seats are very limited. If you don't get a seat, don't worry. We will provide everyone with some starter code and some instructions so that you can test it out yourself.

Code Pizza Codezone 🍕

Valerie Fuchs
Web Developer and Founder of Cafe Robot

Get an introduction to (creative) programming and code the dish of the day together using JavaScript. Apply to get your free seat to join us for "Pizza Codezone".

Turn up hungry and join us on

May 5th or 7th, 10.00-12.00 CEST


About Valerie Fuchs aka Madame Robot 🤖

Valerie is an Amsterdam-based Web Developer, Coding Teacher and Lecturer at creative business school Hyper Island. In 2017, she founded Cafe Robot, the first non-awkward Computer Club offering light-hearted and delicious learning experiences for anyone who wants to enjoy an introduction to web technology and coding.

Watch previous sessions

Fika with Marie and Paulina on

Artificial Intelligence

Marie Korneliusson
Data Scientist and AI-expert at Peltarion, Stockholm

Ever wondered what Artificial Intelligence really means? Join us for a casual discussion with data scientist Marie, an expert in AI at Peltrarion. She's not only working with AI on a day to day basis, but also wrote her thesis for her Master's Degree on researching AI in the fashion industry – a project that led to a publication at the Computer Vision Conference in Korea.

Recording from

March 19, 14.00-14.30 CET

Fika with Therese and Paulina on

Women's health tech

Therese Mannheimer
Co Founder and CEO of Grace Health, Stockholm

What's really so innovative about a period tracker and how can it be a tool in "solving accessible health for the many"? Co Founder and CEO of Grace Health will talk about how they are changing attitudes and accessibility around female health in emerging markets and why there won't be such a thing as an impact company soon.

Recording from

March 17, 14.00-14.30 CET

Fika with Jennie and Paulina on

Switching to tech

Jennie Dalgren
CTO at Technigo and co-founder Kids Hack Club, Barcelona

Making a complete change in your current career path to something completely new can feel daunting, especially if it’s in a new industry. Jennie did just that, moved from being a teacher to working as a developer and inspiring kids to programming from Barcelona. Today she’s helping hundreds to do the same journey. Join for a conversation on how to combine previous skills with new, experiences of being back in a junior role and why learning is your new super skill.

Recording from

March 12, 14.00-14.30 CET

Fika with Susanne and Paulina on

VR for Social Impact

Susanne Forchheimer
Research Manager at Institute for the Future, Palo Alto

How do emerging technologies affect communication, information sharing and collaboration between humans? Susanne’s recent studies explores how Virtual Reality can be used for social good within education, workforce training and as a tool to empower people reentering society in the criminal justice system in America.

Recording from

March 11, 14.00-14.30 CET

Fika with Bella and Paulina on

Vertical Farming

Bella Back
Engineering Manager at Plenty, Palo Alto

After her master's at KTH, Bella made the move to San Francisco and Silicon Valley to start her career at Tesla. After a few years in Elon's crazy world, she felt it was time to transition to something closer to her heart - food. For the last two and a half years, she has been working in the engineering leadership team at Plenty, a Vertical Farm start-up working with hydroponics at scale.

Recording from

March 3rd, 14.00-14.30 CET


What’s Fika?

Swedish people prefer not to translate the word Fika. For us, it’s about much more than a regular coffee break.

It’s a great excuse to set aside a moment for quality time. Fika can happen at any time, morning or night, and anywhere - at home, at work or in a café. It can be enjoyed with family, colleagues, friends or someone new. In Sweden, we love to enjoy Fika several times a day, and in most workplaces, the Fika break is an ideal time to have a casual chat over coffee with your colleagues. Sweet snacks are crucial during Fika - cinnamon buns, cakes, cookies, or basically anything else sweet will be acceptable!