UX Design Boot Camp Application – Instructions

1. Get a FigJam account and duplicate this template.
2. Think of a problem in your everyday life; maybe you're always forgeting to water your plants at home or how to split the check when you're out with friends. Since you will be doing this brainstorm by yourself the problem have to be something that's really familiar to you.
3. Go through all the steps in the template. Let us in on your thought process and try to be explanatory in your post-its.
4. Finally, summarize everything in a well put problem statement.
5. Press share and change the access rights so that anyone with a link kan view your board. You're now finished with the design challenge! - hooray!
6. Fill in the application form and answer and reflect on a a couple of questions about yourself and your thought process during the challenge.

❗️When submitting the application form you have officially applied to the boot camp. Applying is not binding. We'll get back to you within 15 working days with an answer.