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Web development 24 weeks


Upgrade your career with new skills while staying at work.

UI design 6 weeks

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Remote live bootcamps to lead your career onto a new path.

Web development 24 weeks


Upgrade your career with new skills while staying at work.

UI design 6 weeks

Free classes

Classes and workshops for you to learn new skills.

Free coding workshop
For companies


Training courses for your organisation.

Training courses


Meet our graduates and build your future talent pool.

Meet our students
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Limited Edition. For free in the Nordics 🎉


New! Upgrade your career with JavaScript and React

Take your web development skills to the next level. Get started with JavaScript and React.

Who is this for

This course is aimed at professionals that want to add on JavaScript and React to their current skillset.

To attend for free in Sweden you need to:

  • Have 2 years of proven work experience from any field where web programming can be applied.
  • Have completed English 6 – or similar.
  • Have knowledge in HTML and CSS.

Limited edition

JavaScript and React in 11 weeks

Learn to build interactive web apps and services.

Do you already have some coding skills but want to take the next step? For the first time, we're taking parts of our popular web dev boot camp into this intensive JavaScript and React course designed for people with some previous experience. If you already have some knowledge of HTML and CSS and want to expand your skills, this course is for you.

Our concept is simple. We use professional developers to train motivated people in modern JavaScript technologies such as React Hooks and Redux. Every week, you will build one new web project. You can study from anywhere with a flexible schedule. Remote is what we do best.

By the end of this course, you will be well-equipped to build modern, dynamic, and responsive web applications using JavaScript and React. The course will also have an extra focus on how to use web technologies to make a positive impact on society.

Limited edition course start: September 25, 2023

A week at the course

High-quality course packages

Each module, or sprint, comes with high quality video lectures with coaches or industry professionals, curated course material, links and exercises. We take pride in explaining otherwise hard-to-grasp subjects in a fun and engaging way.

View sample video.

Live sessions

We will meet-up several times per week, online, to have lectures, discussions, knowledge share and interact with experts and coaches. Lectures are also recorded if you can’t attend live.

Make space in your calendar for the lectures and scheduled sessions with your team. The rest of the time is up to you to plan!

Hands-on project work

Get challenged by real project briefs for hands-on practicing, either individual work or in teams. Expect to work in a team from day one – just like at a tech company.

Feedback and support

Access our coaches during daytime for support questions in our online forums or on our open live sessions. Expect to both give and receive code reviews and feedback. We apply the same code feedback processes like most professional tech teams.

Remote community

This course is fully remote and you can attend from anywhere. Most of the scheduled sessions are recorded so that you can keep a flexible schedule. Attend discussions in our always-open digital cafeteria to meet like-minded. There’s always someone live to talk to!

What will I get?


  • 3 x Course modules; JavaScript, React and Redux, Web dev projects
  • 120 x teacher led hours.
  • 10 x course packages incl. pre-recorded lectures, readings and practices.
  • Unlimited support by coaches in our forums during work hours.
  • Industry-guest and lecturers.
  • Slack community access.
  • Always-open-cafeteria video room for causal hang-outs.


  • Frontend development using JavaScript, React Hooks, Redux and more.
  • JavaScript; for example DOM-manipulation, datatypes, functions, methods, scope, code structure and more.
  • React; JSX, props, state, hooks, components, component lifecycle, React Router and more.
  • Redux; Global state, Redux actions, Redux toolkit, slices & reducers, immutability m.m.
  • What APIs are and how to use them for interactive websites.
  • Industry-standard collaboration tools and ways-of-working such as GitHub, Agile, Notion, Slack, FigJam, mob programming and more.
  • How technology can be used to make a positive impact on society.
  • How to work better together with developers at your workplace.

”The best school anyone can ever find, with the most incredible, encouraging team. You've given me such a memorable journey guys, thanks a million!”

"Love your happy spirit and that you always encourage all of us to keep up the good work!”


Government funded + CSN approved
55 YH points

Course dates
September 25 - December 8, 2023

Free seats are limited. Right now we only have a waiting list.

Online full-time. Mixed self-studies with online meet-ups.

11 weeks at 40 hours a week pace.
120 hours teacher led time.

Tuesday 09-13:00
Thursday 09-13:00
Friday 10:00-12:00

For your flexibility, all lectures are recorded.



How to Join For Free

Check out the requirements if you are eligible to apply.


Apply NOW

This course is state founded due to a recent extension of the governmental budget for 2023. Therefore, it's a quick turn-around and this opportunity might not come again. Seats are limited. Apply now or regret it forever.


Application test

The application consists of a little test to see if you are ready for this course, but also so we can get to know you and your expectations of the course. Plan around two hours for the application. Application is not binding.



Apply as soon as you can as our free seats are limited. Once you applied, you will get an answer shortly after from us. You then have 5 days to accept your seat or not. 


Is this course CSN approved?

Yes, for citizens in the Nordics, you can apply for CSN for this course.

Why is this a limited edition, will there not be more classes?

We're extremely grateful to be able to offer this course free of charge through Yrkeshögskolan in Sweden. However, we were granted this – very much last minute for us – due to an extension of the fall 2023 governmental budget. At this point we are not granted any more course starts except this one. Therefore this is a limited edition and a massive opportunity for anyone who has wanted to take our boot camps but felt that they are not looking for a complete career change or do not have the means to join otherwise. Join now or regret it forever.

What’s the difference between this course and your Web Development bootcamp?

This is a course designed for upskillers to add on JavaScript and React skills. The boot camp is a more comprehensive course syllabus designed to give all knowledge needed to enter a junior web developer role in a short period of time. The boot camp does also include our career coaching program to help get a first foot in the door at a new career.

In short, this is a calmer paced course with the best parts from the boot camp but not the full curriculum. This is for anyone that want to start building interactive websites or that wants to become better at programming and technology – not necessarily want to completely change career.

What is the workload of this course?

This is a full-time course. For those of you that are familiar with us from before you know that we normally do high intensity boot camps. In comparison, this will be a more "normal" course tempo adjusted to professionals. The workload will correspond to 40 hours a week where you can plan a lot of the time yourself.

Will this course give me the skills to start working with web development?

This course is designed for you to be able to apply JavaScript and React in your current career – you will not become a full-featured web developer only by this course. If you are interested in a career change to web development we recommend our web development boot camp.

Will I be able to upgrade this to the full boot camp later?

Simply put, we don’t want to make any promises at this point. But it’s not impossible that we will offer the “missing pieces” as a possible add-on extension for a cost later on.

Hands-on creative

We know that exploring and experimenting is key to learn new skills. We always focus on the how and to spark that creativity.

Real-world skills

Everything we teach is mirroring how the industry works. We teach modern industry standard tools, methods and knowledge.

Collaborative Learning

Expect to work in teams, discuss, give feedback to others. Together we are stronger. After our trainings you will be better equipped to keep up-to-date with the latest and to be an inspiration to your peers.

We're a female-founded, remote-first community helping people get a career they love. 90% of those attending our boot camps are women.