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Web Development Boot Camp and Community

Become a job-ready web developer in a coding boot camp in just 22 weeks. No experience required. Study part-time from anywhere. Join us on August 15th. ✌️

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Start August 15th, 2023. Apply before June 18th, 2023.

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We have a holistic approach to tech studies with a focus on friendship, creativity and personal growth.

We teach you coding and help you get the career that you want

We’re a part-time programming boot camp for anyone who wants to build digital products using JavaScript, React and Node.js.

For the last five years, we have educated hundreds of people with zero experience in programming into professional web developers. Among career changers, we have a 92% hiring rate.

We take pride in explaining hard-to-grasp subjects in a fun and creative way. Our format is simple – every week you will learn to create a new project focusing on the latest technologies in JavaScript, React or Node.js. We also offer professional help for you to land a new job in tech.

You can study from anywhere and set your own schedule. Remote is what we do best.

Download more information for sample lectures, project briefs, exercises and more.

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About the boot camp

A remote web development boot camp for anyone interested in building digital products

Who is this for

  • Career changers. Start a whole new career in tech. We have a 92% success rate for career changers.
  • Upskillers. Add web development to your CV.
  • Entrepreneurs. Realise your own ideas.
  • Intrapreneurs. Level up your career.

What you will learn

  • Frontend development using JavaScript, React Hooks, Redux and more.
  • Backend development using Node.js, Express, MongoDB and more.
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly web pages using HTML and CSS.
  • How to use, build and consume APIs.
  • Industry-standard collaboration tools and ways-of-working such as GitHub, Agile, mob programming and more.
  • Soft skills such as growth mindset, teamwork, and how to build your professional developer profile to advance your career.

What our alumni work as

Technigo students

Program details

Upcoming classes 🗓
Start August 15th, 2023. Application deadline is June 18th, 2023.

Format 💻
Online & part-time. Mixed self-studies with online meet-ups.

Scope 🗓
22 weeks at a pace of 20-30 hours per week (incl. a 2 week preparation course).

Language 💬


Meet new friends in our community of life-long learners

Start a new career in web development


92 percent get a new career within 6 months from graduation. 🚀

1 m

There is currently a demand for 1 million developers in Europe.


85 percent of people joining our boot camp have no coding experience before applying.


Say Hi to Petra 👋 one of our career coaches!

Professional help to land a job in tech

Included 🙌 Join our Career Coaching Program for free with 16 weeks of professional help to create an attractive profile, develop communication and interview skills and build your network.

Create with us

What to expect

Hands-on learning in a fun and creative way

We take pride in explaining the latest technologies, methods and tools in a fun and engaging way. Each week you will code a new web project. After the boot camp you will have a competitive portfolio to show any future employers. What will you build? Download the syllabus for examples.

Coding for beginners

Get to know new friends in our community

We don't do average online courses – we start friendships. We have an holistic approach to tech studies with a focus on friendship, inclusivity, trust and personal growth. Remote is what we do best. Many of our students make new close friends during the program.

Technigo coding workshop in Malmo

Learn industry-standard skills in high demand

Our course curriculums are co-created with people from the industry. We only teach relevant, hands-on skills that are attractive in today’s job market.

Remote frontend bootcamp

Study from anywhere on your own schedule – combine work and study

We mix flexible, remote self-studies that you plan yourself with scheduled weekly sessions with our coaches and your team. The program takes around 20-25 hours a week which means you can combine part-time work with your studies.

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Instructors, support and community guests

A few of those you will meet in the boot camp.

Jennie Dalgren

Jennie Dalgren

Head coach at Technigo
Web and mobile developer with many years of experience in teaching code.

Daniel Mnich

Daniel Mnich

Code Coach at Technigo
Full-stack developer with 5+ years of experience in web development and teaching boot camps.

Matilda Brunemalm

Matilda Brunemalm

Code Coach at Technigo
Frontend developer that made the shift from working at a preschool with children to now building and teaching code. is Matilda’s work!

Damien Timewell

Damien Timewell

CTO at
Full-stack developer with 15+ years of experience.

Petra Stenqvist

Petra Stenqvist

Career Coach at Technigo
Professional career coach and former tech recruiter with 10+ years of experience helping people get jobs in tech.

Lina Lavender

Lina Lavender

Founder of Presentera Mera
Coach in public speaking and rhetorics, helping our students to find their voice and pitch themselves as developers.

Van Taylor

Full-stack Developer at Quopla
Software developer with 10+ years of professional experience.

Becki Wordsworth

Becki Wordsworth

Dev Team Lead at HiotLabs
Full-stack developer and ex. tech recruiter sharing her insights in how tech recruiters work and how to grab their attention on LinkedIn.

Join us

How to apply

Apply in three simple steps.


Try out some coding

As part of the application, you will try out some coding by solving the code challenge. The test is designed for beginners and for you to see if coding us for you.


Fill in application form

Answer some questions about yourself, your background and why you want to join our boot camp.



Expect an answer from us within 15 working days from your submission. Applying is not binding. If your application is successful, you can choose to accept your seat or not.

Pricing and Payment Options

Apply before April 30 to save an additional 10% off the course fee - regardless of your payment option.

💰Best deal! Save -445 €


Pay now

5745 €

Upfront: 5745 € incl. VAT

Monthly: 0 €

Total: 5745 € | 65000 SEK incl. VAT


💰Save -140 €

Individuals only

6 months

706 € / month

Upfront: 1815 € (30%)

Monthly: 902 × 6 months

Total: 6050 € | 68600 SEK incl. VAT


Individuals only

12 months

361 € / month

Upfront: 1857 € (30%)

Monthly: 361 € × 12 months

Total: 6190 € | 70000 SEK incl. VAT


When does the monthly fee start?

It starts on the same month as the boot camp start date.

When do I pay the upfront payment?

The upfront payment of 30% is invoiced when you choose to officially accept your seat – applying is not binding.

Is this program CSN approved? What are the financing options in Sweden?

We don't have any co-operation with CSN currently and our educations are not eligible for student aid through CSN because our program is too short. However some students have gotten financial aid from their unions, A-kassa (if you're not working) and we have different kinds of payment plans to accommodate everyone's financial situations.

Can I pay in Swedish SEK?

Yes, you can choose SEK when you accept your seat and officially enrol. The prices are below.

Pay now

Total: 65000 SEK

6 months

Upfront: 20580 SEK
Monthly: 8003 SEK
Total: 68600 SEK

12 months

Upfront: 21000 SEK
Monthly: 4083 SEK
Total: 70000 SEK

My company will pay for my seat, why can I not choose the monthly plans?

We have made great effort to make our boot camps affordable for individuals with monthly payment plans. If you are a company it's normally easier for both of us if we only make it into one invoice.

We ❤️ Technigo

Unfiltered comments from students

We love you too!

”Best 6 months ever! It has been a hell of a ride but you have done it worth the ride every minute of the day!”

”I could never have expected to learn this much in this short time. What I had expected to do at the end of the bootcamp I could do half way through. I feel empowered and like I can do anything!”

"Thank you for everything!
Maks: Your love of teaching makes you a great teacher!
Jennie: Loved your pedagogical videos!
Marie & Poya: You are both fun and charming and I'm in love with both of you!
Petra: Loved your career advice and I'm sorry I couldn't put as much effort into the career sprints as they deserved!
Hugs and kisses to the rest of the Technigo crew!"

Create with us

Learn to code with support from

Engaging course material

Each week, you’ll get a course bundle with curated course material such as video lectures, articles, code-alongs, exercises and a project brief.

Daily interactions with coaches

Our coaches are available during daytime to help you with your code in our community forums.

Live sessions

Meet in our digital classroom for live sessions with teachers and your team. Download the course syllabus for the full class schedule.

Industry guests

We invite guests from the industry to share knowledge about their expertise and their workplace.

Remote at its best

We’ve perfected the remote experience over years. Expect to combine weekly online sessions with flexible remote work that you plan yourself and in your team.

Career coaching

All boot camp students can choose to join our Career Coaching Program included in the course fee. Build up your skills to land that dream job of yours.

Our students work at



When is the deadline for applying?

The very last day to apply is June 18th, 2023. Since we’ll be filling spaces continuously, we cant promise there will be any left on the final deadline day. Send your application in sooner rather than later.

I’m a complete beginner. Why do I need to do a code challenge?

Don't panic! We simply want to see that you’ve touched on programming before and know what you’re getting yourself into, and it's a great chance for you to reflect upon your experiences after trying it out. This is just a learning exercise. It will be fun, we promise!

What are my payment options?

You have three payment options to choose from. Read more here.

When will I know if I’ve been successful?

You can expect to hear back from us no later than 15 working days from handing in your application. Since we'll be filling spaces continuously, we can't promise there will be any left on the final deadline day. Don't wait around, send yours in sooner, rather than later.

Is the application binding?

No. If you get accepted you have seven days to decide whether you want to accept your seat or not. Read more about cancellations in our terms and conditions.

Do you have any financing options?

We have scholarships that you can apply for. Check out available scholarships.