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Nicole A. Michaelis, UX writer, Spotify

Nicole A. Michaelis
UX writer

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What will I learn?

How does a day look like in a UX:er’s life? What kinds of tools does she use and how are the projects aligned? Tag along in this session when UX:er Nicole from Spotify give you some insights from her daily life! Nicole is as a UX writer and works tightly with UX designers. Together they work according to the agile methodology - concepts like stand up, retro, sprints are some of the things she will explain to you from this methodology which is a part of her daily work life. You will also get to know more about her relation to programmers and other people surrounding her in her projects.

About Nicole

Nicole is a Senior UX Writer at Spotify and an independent Content Designer ( ) with over 10 years of experience working in tech and beyond. She has been working with clients such as Hyper Island, SAS, Doberman, iZettle and the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. She also teaches content marketing at Berghs School of Communication, UX Writing and Storytelling at Hyper Island, and host the popular Content Rookie Podcast ). Nicole is especially passionate about inclusive design and accessibility.



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🗓 When: October 14, 14.00
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⏳ Duration: 45 min

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