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Pauliina, Software developer, Reaktor

Software developer

Career talk

What will I learn?

There are many tech roles and titles out there within programming, and it could be very confusing for a beginner to understand what’s what. 

Developer Pauliina will present some of the  Frontend developer, backend developer, software engineer… the list goes on! After this session you will get a clearer picture on the opportunities and paths to take. You will also find out more about Pauliina's background and why she chose the path she chose.

About Pauliina

Pauliina started her career as a communications consultant, but slowly life took her back to her childhood hobby - coding. She moved all the way to Australia to study on a coding boot camp and has now been working as a software developer for over 5 years. She still thinks it was the best decision of her life. What she loves the most of coding is how tangible it feels to build software one piece at a time and how rewarding it is to solve problems with technology. In her free time, you will find her on a yoga mat or wandering in a forest.



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🗓 When: October 11, 18.00
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⏳ Duration: 45 min

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