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Changing career to tech

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Elaine, Becki & Pauline, Developers & alumnis, Technigo

Elaine, Becki & Pauline
Developers & alumnis

Career talk

What will I learn?

What should I think about when changing career? How do I know this is for me? Is it too late for me to make the move?

Moving from your current career path to something completely new can feel scary and daunting. Especially if it's in a new industry, and your experience doesn't feel relevant. Many of our students have been in the same situation – come and listen in on their stories and get valuable insights and tips.

During this session you will meet Elaine, Becki and Pau, all with totally different backgrounds and experience, who each took the leap to change career.



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🗓 When: October 13, 12.00
📌 Where: Online
⏳ Duration: 40 min

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