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Solving problems like a designer - an introduction to Design thinking

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Elisabet Johansson,UX designer and scrum master at SVT

Elisabet Johansson
UX designer & scrum master

Design talk

What will I learn?

Learn to think and solve problems as a designer using the Design thinking methodology.

Design thinking is a methodology and a way of working that’s common within design and UX design. The Design thinking methodology is user-centred and based on user insights. The Design thinking methodology is a process of five stages; Understand, Define, Ideate, Prototype and finally Test.

Learn more about the steps from UX expert Elisabet Johansson. She will also give examples from previous project, and give some hands-on practical advice on how you get started yourself.

About Elisabet

Elisabet works as a UX designer and scrum master at the kids show Bolibompa at SVT (Swedish Television Broadcasting). She has been working in the UX field for about 8 years and loves the combination of design, strategy, problem solving and teamwork in combination to create great experiences. In her free time, she plays games with her friends and hang out with her family. Always eager to learn new things, and now she is trying to conquer the skills to play the banjo. If you see her humming around in her headphones, she is most likely to be listening to her music idol Taylor Swift.



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