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Learn the Core Concepts of Good Web Design

Karin Nordkvist
Senior Designer & Frontend Developer

What will you learn?

What makes a website feel so put together, really? We know the answer! There are some really handy rules when it comes to design that will elevate any website. Designer and programmer Karin will follow you through the most basic concepts, such as typography, layout, structure and colours. You could believe this is a no-brainer - but you might be surprised!

About the speaker

Karin is a versatile freelance designer and developer passionate about bridging the gap between these two roles. She comes from a background in design and works with all kinds of digital platforms and magazines. Karin is also a Technigo boot camp alumni who has held many workshops and sessions about code, design and the freelancing lifestyle. Outside of work, Karin spends a lot of time throwing mugs and bowls on her pottery wheel, playing with her daughter Pim and spending hours digging out all the dandelion sprouts in her garden.



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🗓 When: September 28 , 12:00 CEST
📌 Where: Online
⏳ Duration: 45 mins

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