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Intro to React Native

Build your first mobile app with head coach Jennie & SheSharp

Jennie Dalgren
Head coach at Technigo

Build a mobile app

Do you know JavaScript from before and are curious about building mobile apps? Then React Native is something for you to try out! Head coach Jennie from Technigo will teach you the basics of React Native and how it allows you to build high-quality, cross-platform mobile apps. The evening session will be very hands-on, you will be able to code along to create your very own project.

What will we build?
We will build a news app, that fetches the latests news from an API and displays it in a list.

What software will we use? To get up and running as fast as possible, and to be able to get as much coding done as we can, we are going to use Expo, with Expo Snack, an online code editor.

What skills to I need to join in? It's good if you have tried React before, JavaScript is the minimum to tag along.

Technigo x SheSharp

We are proud to say we have teamed up with SheSharp on this event! SheSharp is a non-profit foundation in Amsterdam that makes it easier for all women and non-binary people to enter, stay, and grow in the tech industry. You can join in on events, mentorship programs, apply for scholarships and much more - read more on SheSharp .



Intro to React Native

‚Ź≥ Duration: 90 mins

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