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The Principles behind a Beautiful Design

Billy Boman
Product & UX/UI Designer

What will you learn?

Are you curious about the timeless principles that govern the laws of visual design? Why are certain things perceived as ‚Äėbeautiful‚Äô? And how can we use that to our advantage when building digital experiences and services? In this talk, we'll explore that together with what Visual Design really is and how it relates to UX Design. Expect to get a deeper understanding of visual design and its principles.

About the speaker

Meet Billy, a talented Product Designer who is currently working at Zettle by Paypal. With over 10 years of experience in the design industry, Billy has explored various domains such as Graphic, Branding & Fashion Design before finally settling in the Digital/Tech spaces about 4 years ago. His keen eye for Visual Design & Aesthetics has always been an integral part of his working career, and he pays equal attention to the why and how of beautiful designs across disciplines such as Graphic Design, Apparel, Web design, Logotypes, Typefaces, and video games.

Apart from his professional work, Billy is also passionate about teaching and sharing his knowledge with others. In his spare time, he teaches at Berghs SOC, Medieinstitutet, and here at Technigo. He also runs a podcast called Design Alchemy, where he and his guests delve into design in a more in-depth manner than most, covering topics such as design education, the metaverse, and generative AI.



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‚Ź≥ Duration: 60 minutes

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