Free, Two-Hour Creative Coding Workshop for Beginners.

Take your first baby steps into programming with this remote creative workshop. Expect to learn the basics of coding in a fun, interactive, and friendly way.

Your first web project – created by you πŸ’ͺ.

Join our workshop hostesses Matilda and Marie in this free coding workshop for beginners. Expect two hours of engaging videos, creativity, and music in a safe learning environment. After the session, you will have created your first small web project. Get started today!

What to expect

  • Learn about the superpower that is coding πŸš€
  • Try the basics of web programming using HTML and CSS
  • Create a small web project, all designed by you
  • Enjoy a creative workshop template via Figjam
  • Let your creative juices flow through music 🎡 and exercises
  • Join our Slack community to keep learning
  • Get your course certificate!

Why are we doing this for free?

We simply believe that the superpower that is programming belongs to everyone.

Say πŸ‘‹ to your workshop hostesses, Marie and Matilda.


Format: Fully remote
Scope: 2 hours, or self-paced
Start: Start at any time
Price: 100% free

We teach you coding and help you land a job afterward. Apply to our remote web boot camp.

Who we are

Change your career with us

Sandra Hindskog and Jennie Dalgren having coffee

Female-founded tech community and boot camps.

We don't do average online courses. We have an holistic approach to tech studies with a focus on friendship, inclusivity, trust and personal growth. Join our boot camps and expect team work, monthly meditation classes, creative workshops, discussions in our Slack, and many many more fun activities.

Empowerment by tech and design for everyone.

We take pride in making the latest technology, methods and tools fun, creative, and easy to understand. We empower more people to take a seat at the table, pushing innovation forward.

95% hiring rate among career changers.

Our boot camp cirriculums are co-created with people from the industry. We only teach relevant hands-on skills atrractive on the job market. We’re proud to have a 95% hiring rate six months after graduation for those joining our boot camps with a career change in mind.