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How to become a freelancer

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Hanna Pettersson, Co-founder, Technigo

Hanna Pettersson

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What will I learn?

Becoming a freelancer and being your own boss is a dream for many. But how do I start? What do I need in place to get going? And can I even freelance if I’m still junior in my profession?

During this session Hanna will go through five practical steps on how to become a freelance web developer or designer. She will also share knowledge on different forms of freelancing with pros and cons and ultimately tips on how to find that first customer. There will also be concrete tips for junior freelance web developers and designers, what gigs are you most likely to get and what are you qualified to do?

About Hanna

Hanna is one of the co-founders of Technigo and has a background as a consultant working in marketing and design with companies like King, Spotify and Uptrail. Together with Sandra Hindskog she first started Tjejer kodar in 2015, the biggest network for women in tech in Sweden. In 2017 they also started Technigo with the aim to help people to change career to tech. She’s been running companies for many years and have before that worked as a consultant and also freelancer within design but also helped many former students get their freelancing business going.



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🗓 When: October 12, 14.30
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⏳ Duration: 45 min

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