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Intro to HTML & CSS - the foundation of every webpage

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Kaja Wilbik, Web developer student, Technigo

Kaja Wilbik
Web developer student

Tech talk

What will I learn?

Did you know that all webpages are built with HTML and CSS? Learn the basics of how to build your first website.

This is the starting point for anyone who wants to try coding. HTML and CSS were born already in the 90s and have ever since been a core of all the existing webpages. Learn HTML to add content and structure to your websites and learn CSS to add styling, design, fonts and colours – everything that makes a website fun. Hopefully, you will realise the endless creative possibilities that web programming offers!

Learn how to get started and see some coding in action during our session led by Technigo student Kaja.

About Kaja

Kaja is a travel enthusiast with a background in the travel industry. She loves reading books and playing board games.

As a first-line customer service agent at a travel agency, she was longing for more flexibility and a better salary to go to her dream destinations. In August 2022 she decided to make a move to the tech industry, now she’s a student here at Technigo. Being so close to being a beginner herself, she can really understand the struggles and what questions one might have as a beginner. Two years ago she joined the “Get into tech conference” at Technigo herself and that’s what lighted her fire to make the move to become a programmer. Perhaps she will inspire you this time around?



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🗓 When: October 10, 11.00
📌 Where: Online
⏳ Duration: 40 min

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