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Intro to UX Design

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Amir Otaifa, Designer, Apple

Amir Otaifa

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What will I learn?

What is UX design? And what is the role of a UX designer?

Learn what methods and tools a UX designer uses and what role they play in a digital product team. UX designer Amir from Apple will give you an introduction to UX design and his own day as a designer at Apple in San Francisco.

After this session you will have a better insight if UX design is for you and what a UX designer does and does not do in a team.


Amir is born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. Since discovering his love for design, he set of an journey that led him halfway across the globe to San Francisco, to work for Apple (through Critical Mass) as a senior designer.

After high school he started to work in IKEA's kitchen department, where he was designing kitchens for customers on a daily basis. He enjoyed the process of distilling the customers' needs and turning them into practical, visually pleasing and simple solutions. Looking back, this was the foundation that UX is built upon. It was during this period he realized that his future craft needed to be visual!

Applying for studies in art direction and graphic design, he got the opportunity after a internship at Benify to work together with a UX team which opened up a whole new world to him - the idea of being able to design something that is measurable, wow! After his internship he shifted focus to UX and UI design and started studies at Berghs School of communication, to shortly thereafter head of for Silicon Valley.



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