With ❤️ from our students

Unfiltered comments from current and former students. We love you too.

"TECHNIGO TEAM! Before I decided to join this bootcamp I was a bit worried if it would be worth the money. Today, when I am in the end of this journey, I realized that I would pay millions for this boot camp because it was so damn worth it… if I had the money ;) Thank you for making my dream come to true. You all are doing a great job and hope we will get the chance to meet IRL one day. Cheers! "

"Thank you to all of you guys for the support during the bootcamp! A bit of pep talk and encouragement goes a long way!!!"

"You guys are amazing, you really teached me how to code and I will always be thankful!
- Poya, you are really appreciated by our group and you do a wonderful work. You are funny and I really enjoyed to be in sessions with you.
- Maks, you are an amazing coder and superb teacher. I really loved your coding session and the way you teach. To be a good coder is one thing, and to teach is another. You really have both and I felt super comfortable to ask you for help. A big thank you to you too!"

"I want to thank you for the warm and safe atmosphere you have built! <3 I recommend Technigo to all my friends, even those that unfortunately can't afford the investment."

"Thank you Technigo for helping me get started on my code journey, it's really be a blast. I came in not knowing what was going to happen but I feel a lot more assured of my direction now. Thank you all for the time, effort, and skill you've put into this bootcamp and us as students. I am very proud to graduate as a student of Technigo! <3"

"Best 6 months ever! It has been a hell of a ride but you have done it worth the ride every minute of the day!"

"Love <3You are an awesome team that spreads so much joy and positivity! ✨"

"I have enjoyed every part of it- from Marie and Poyas quirky jokes and amusing conversations to top level coding sessions with super skilled teachers. Thank you for giving me the tools and knowledge that I need to start this new chapter of my life 🙏🏻 I am going to miss you!"

"I could never have expected to learn this much in this short time. What I had expected to do at the end of the bootcamp I could do half way through. I feel empowered and like I can do anything!"

"Yes!! Marie, Poya love your dynamic! Thanks for that. Maks thanks for being a great teacher. Petra thank you for your support."

"Thank you for everything - it has been great! Now I'm feel ready to take on a new challenge as a frontend developer ☺✨ "

"Great course, learnt a lot met great people but for me personally 50% has been an understatement"

"Thanks for all the great pepp and support!"

"Go Go Technigo Team! And biggest thank you to Maks for your patience and passion! Thanks for everything 😊"

"Ahhhh you are so amazing in so many ways⭐️. I think your positive and caring energy really shines through. Making this process fun, creative and making us feel better about the achievements in tough times. I have re-valued what is important in my next chapter in life because of you ❤️ Where caring for each other and your being yourself is more important than anything else! I hope to see you again in August 🥳 Thank you for everything ❤️ "

"All I have to say is that I am gonna miss your support throughout this journey. The way you made sure that all of us were happy and getting the most out of this course :D "

"You are the amazing team which I've met. I'll miss you guys!"

"Thank you team for supporting us until the very end !! :) :)"

"The best school anyone can ever find, with the most incredible, encouraging team. You've given me such a memorable journey guys, thanks a million!"

"Thank you for the amazing bootcamp! You are the best!"

"You are wonderful people and you make a great job at helping make people's dreams come true.💕 Thank you for everything you do."

"Thanks to the whole Technigo team! You are great and you do a great job, both individually and all together. You have exceeded all my expectations and I really appreciate everything you have given us, knowledge, support and small surprises in the mail :) Thank you for preparing us for "developer reality"!❤❤❤"

"You were kinda ok too! ;) Nah, not just ok. You were actually quite alright. Maybe even great. Or awesome. "

"Thank you for everything!
Maks: Your love of teaching makes you a great teacher!
Jennie: Loved your pedagogical videos!
Marie & Poya: You are both fun and charming and I'm in love with both of you!
Petra: Loved your career advice and I'm sorry I couldn't put as much effort into the career sprints as they deserved!
Hugs and kisses to the rest of the Technigo crew!"

"Big shout out to Maks, a really good teacher who you really needs to hang on to! I think I did all the evaluations ;) "

"It has been so much fun and I've learned a lot. And I always really appreciate your positivity! Thank you!"

"Love your happy spirit and that you always encourage all of us to keep up the good work!"

"It was a fantastic journey and I'm so happy to have been a part of this! THANK YOU SO MUCH 😍 "

"I don't know if I can make it without you 😥"

"Thank you all so much for these last six months! It’s been an amazing time, hard and difficult but also incredibly rewarding. I really appreciate everything you’ve done and all the little things, like chocolate in the mail, to keep our spirits up. You are rockstars!"

"<3 <3 <3 Tack för en helt otrolig utmaning som varit bland det mest utvecklande jag gjort!Thank you so much for everything! ❤️❤️Thanks for all, it's been a roller-coaster ride to remeber!"