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What is mob programming and how to get started?

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Matilda Brunemalm, Code coach, Technigo

Matilda Brunemalm
Code coach

Tech talk

What will I learn?

Mob programming is an extremely popular collaboration method used all over the world by tech companies. Mob programming is used by developers to work effectively together to solve problems as a group – or a mob. If you are, or are becoming a developer, you will for sure stumble upon mob programming, but its clear rules and framework are starting to make grounds in other professions too.

During this session you will learn what mob programming is, how it works and how you run a mob programming session with your team.

About Matilda

Matilda is one of the code coaches at Technigo, but finding programming was a rocky road. She has always been curious about education and has studied economics, genus, linguistics… the list goes on. After trying code and seeing the code community, she finally feels like home. Today she’s a skilled frontend developer and coach. 

In her free time, she happily give you advice on plants, go bird-watching or camping with her partner Simon.



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