Become a web developer. Remote code boot camp and community.

This is a 22-week programming web boot camp for anyone who wants to learn how to build web projects and digital products with code.
We teach you coding and help you land a job in tech

In just 22 weeks, we’ll teach you the latest technologies within web development and help you to land a job afterward. For the last five years, we have educated people with zero experience in programming and turned them into web developers with a 95% hiring rate among career changers. Our format is simple, every week you'll create a new project focusing on the latest technologies in JavaScript and React. You can study from anywhere and set your own schedule. Remote is what we do best.

By the end of the boot camp, you'll have a competitive portfolio and will be ready to kick-start your career as a web or frontend developer.


  • Next program starts
    January 31, 2023
  • Application deadline
    November 27, 2022
    For all the early birds! Apply now to access a 10% discount on our January 2023 class. Download the application package for all the info you need.

What to expect

View samples of lectures, projects, exercises and more.

Take a look at:

  • Clips from recorded lectures
  • An example project and exercises.
  • Reflections from current students.
Access material

About this program

This program is for anyone that wants to start building web projects and digital products.

What you will learn

  • Frontend development in modern JavaScript (ES6).
  • Responsive web using HTML and CSS.
  • How to use external APIs and HTTP requests.
  • React – the most popular framework for JavaScript.
  • Redux for global state management.
  • Backend programming with Node.js.
  • Industry-standard tools for version control, deployment, etc.
  • Industry-standard methods for teamwork and development.

Who is this for?

  • Career Changers. Get the tools to start a new career within tech or add programming to your already existing skillset.
  • Entrepreneurs. Realize your own ideas or build that MVP you have in the back of your mind.
  • Intrapreneurs. Finding developers is hard. Let your company invest in you and your development instead of hiring new talent. 
  • Reskillers. Brush up rusty tech skills and learn a more modern stack.

Members of your coaching team


Next start dates:
January 31, 2023
Format: 100% online. Mixed flexible work with online meet-ups. Download the course schedule for your team and code sessions.
Pace: Part-time.
Scope: 22 weeks (2+20 weeks, Incl. a 2-week introductory self-study course á 40 hours at your own pace)
Career help: Career Coaching Program included.
Pricing & payment options: 6770 Euros (68 600 SEK) incl. VAT. You have two payment options to choose from:
1. Monthly payment with 20% upfront.
2. Pay 50% upfront and 50% halfway through the training. Read more.
Application deadline:
November 27, 2022 for January 2023 class. Apply now.
For all the early birds! Apply now to access a 10% discount on our January 2023 class. Download the application package for all the info you need. Since we'll be filling spaces continuously, we can't promise there will be any left on the final deadline day. Send your application in sooner rather than later and expect an answer within 15 working days.

Frequently Asked Questions
Available scholarships

Poya Tavakolian
Program manager at Technigo

Intro webinar

Become a Developer in 22 Weeks

Poya Tavakolian
Program manager at Technigo

Learn about our boot camp and how you can become a Web Developer in 22 weeks. Get all of your questions answered at the Q&A session!

Date and time
September 29 | 13:00-13:30 CEST

Free conference

Get Into Tech and Design

One week of beginner-friendly talks and social events for anyone wondering how to get into tech and design. Get into tech and design is our way to introduce thousands of people each year into the wonders of programming and design. Completely free – join from anywhere.

Date and time
October 10-14


Learn coding with support from

Engaging course material
We take pride in making lectures, practices and projects fun, creative and easy to understand.

Daily interactions with coaches
Our coaches are available during daytime to help you with your code.

Learn modern, relevant tools
We work in close collaboration with the industry and ensure that the skills you'll learn are the ones that are most in demand right now.

Industry guests
We invite guests from the industry to share knowledge about their expertise and their workplace.

Remote at its best
We’ve perfected the remote experience over years. Expect to combine weekly online sessions with flexible remote work that you plan yourself and in your team.

Career Coaching
All boot camp students can choose to join our Career Coaching Program included in the course fee. Build up your skills to land that dream job of yours.

Create with us

How we designed this program

Build a portfolio full of projects. We'll teach you how.

We know that a great portfolio is necessary to start working with code. You will build your portfolio with one project a week and finish off with a bigger final project.

Fully remote with a focus on friendship and community.

We have a holistic approach to tech studies with a focus on friendship, inclusivity, trust, and personal growth. Expect teamwork, creative workshops, Slack discussions, and many many more fun activities during and after our Boot Camps.

Study from anywhere. Create your own schedule and combine work and study.

We mix flexible remote work that you plan yourself with scheduled weekly sessions with our coaches and your team. The program is on half-pace which means you can combine half-time work and your studies.

95% hiring rate for career changers.

Our course curriculums are co-created with people from the industry. We only teach relevant hands-on skills that are attractive in today's job market. We’re proud to have a 95% hiring rate six months after graduation for those joining our boot camp and career coaching program.

How we help you to land a developer job

Free for all students! Join our career mentorship program to get proffesional help to change career.

We have boiled down our joint learnings from working with hundreds of candidates in tech into a program to help you build your network in tech and nail future interviews. Some of the things we will coach you in:

  • Creating an attractive profile.
  • Building a strong network in tech.
  • Developing communication and interview skills.
Read more

How to apply

Your application will consist of two parts – a smaller code introduction and a written application.

When is the deadline?

The very last day to apply is Novemner 20, 2022. Since we'll be filling spaces continuously, we can't promise there will be any left on the final deadline day. Send your application in sooner rather than later.

I'm a complete beginner! Why do I need to do a code challenge?

Don't panic! We simply to see that you’ve touched on programming before and know what you’re getting yourself into, and it's a great chance for you to reflect upon your experiences after trying it out. This is just a learning exercise. It will be fun, we promise!

What are my payment options?

You have two payment options to choose from.

Option one: you can divide the payment into two parts. Pay half when accepting your place, and the rest in the middle of the program.

Option two: The second option is a monthly payment plan. You can pay 20% upfront when accepting your place, and the remaining is payable in equal installments throughout the months that you attend the program.

For both options, the total amount payable is the same.

When will I know if I've been successful?

You can expect to hear back from us no later than 15 working days from handing in your application. Since we'll be filling spaces continuously, we can't promise there will be any left on the final deadline day. Don't wait around, send yours in sooner, rather than later.

Is the application binding?

No. If you get accepted you have seven days to decide whether you want to accept your seat or not. Read more about cancellations in our terms and conditions.

Do you have any financing options?

We have schoolarships that you can apply for. Check out available scholarships.

Any more questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.