Working From an Office for the First Time

Name Anna Almestål

Background Entrepreneur

Current IT consultant at Tretton37

Graduation January 2020

Anna has a background as an entrepreneur, running her own business as a goldsmith for the last 10 years. She’s also worked as a hairdresser before. “I like to try out new things, before Technigo I was on parental leave and trying to figure out what my next career move would be. Never would I have guessed that it would be something within tech but I'm very happy that I took the leap to become a developer”, she explains.

Landing a developer job in the middle of a pandemic

After completing the boot camp, Anna quickly landed a job as an IT consultant at Tretton37. She was contacted by a recruiter on Linkedin to apply for the position. “I feel so lucky! After I don't know how many applications and tech tests in the middle of a pandemic!” The interview was short and sweet and afterwards, Anna was booked in for a remote technical interview.

“The technical interview was super nice, more of a conversation. I did get to ask a lot of questions about things I couldn’t answer and they were super sweet and explained everything to me. They really made me feel relaxed and comfortable.”

The last step was an interview with the Team responsible and they called Anna the next day and asked if she could start the following week.

Anna had already been interested in the company before but hadn’t applied yet. “What got me curious in the first place was that they described themselves as a company that likes to share knowledge and have fun. This was confirmed during my interviews and made me excited to work there”, she says.

The first day at an office – ever

Anna was super nervous her first day at work just a week after landing the job. “I hadn’t put my foot in an office ever, that alone was big for me!” She didn’t know what to expect, but there was a lot of info, packing up gears and meeting a few of her colleagues. “I did go into the office for the first three days, but have since then worked from home.”

She quickly learned that everyone was helpful, many of her colleagues reached out to her during the first couple of days asking if she needed any help. “I’ve had a sort of an apprenticeship for my first couple of months and have been working on an internal project two days a week. I'm having an amazing mentor guiding me forward and giving me things to work on to improve. Fingers crossed my first assignment will come up soon”, Anna explains. For her, the nervousness of starting a new job in a new industry subsided quickly and was replaced with excitement.

Anna is eager to keep learning, loves all the knowledge sharing at Tretton37, and truly appreciates her colleagues.

Thank you so much, Anna!

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