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The tools of a developer - an introduction to VSCode and Github

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Daniel Mnich, Code coach, Technigo

Daniel Mnich
Code coach

Tech talk

What will I learn?

What tools does a developer use on a daily basis? Perhaps you have heard about Github, Git and VScode before - But what does it really mean?

Our code coach Daniel will give you insights in the most famous developer tools and what they are used for. Did you know that all of the developer tools we use are for free and open for anyone to download? By the end of the session, you will know what developer tools you should have installed on your computer to start coding. You will also have the chance to ask your own questions to Daniel during the session.

About Daniel

Daniel is one of the code coaches at Technigo, but started his journey within finances and accounting. He got tired of his journey within real estate management as an accountant and jumped onboard a coding boot camp - one just like Technigo’s! Today he’s a professional full-stack developer with many years of experience. He’s now teaching the Technigo web developer boot camp. In his free time he loves BBQ, hanging out with his family in his house in Warsaw and being a sloth in front of the TV. He has also found a new love for polishing walls and did you know - he has a massive collection of magic gathering cards. Ask Daniel more about this!



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