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What is an API?

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Henrike Wiemker, Developer, Uppsala University

Henrike Wiemker
Uppsala University

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What will I learn?

APIs are key to our whole digital life. It’s how websites, apps and digital services communicate and exchange data and information. During this session Henrike will walk you through what an API really is, what API stands for, show examples of APIs and how you can use open APIs to take your own web projects to the next level.

Did you know that there’s a massive amount of open APIs out there for you to use? For example, you can get data on the weather forecast, news feeds, restaurants nearby, astronauts in space right now, cute cats to use a placeholder images and everything in between. Open APIs are completely free and fun data sources to use in your own projects. We’ll tell you all about this creativity goldmine!

About Henrike

Henrike has always been a science nerd without wanting to be a scientist herself. So she started off as a science journalist, reporting on the latest research for media in both Germany and Sweden. But only reporting turned out not to be close enough to tech for her, and programming was constantly swirling around in her mind as this fascinating, potential superpower that made her curious. In 2020, Henrike finally took the step, became a boot camp student at Technigo and made her way into the tech industry. Today, she’s closer to science than ever before, working as a developer at Uppsala University, building websites for researchers all over Sweden.



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