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What is JavaScript

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Vanessa & Lovisa, Fullstack & Frontend developers, Axakon

Vanessa & Lovisa
Fullstack & Frontend developers

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What will I learn?

JavaScript is one of the fastest growing and most popular programming languages among developers today. But what is JavaScript? What is JavaScript used for? And how do I get started?

During this session web developers Vanessa and Lovisa will walk you through the basics explaining what JavaScript really is, some basic JavaScript coding and give some JavaScript examples of what it looks like and can be used for. They will also try to navigate you through the jungle of what a JavaScript framework is, such as Node.js and React.

About Vanessa and Lovisa

Vanessa is a career changer who went from being a Vegan Chef to Fullstack developer. She loves watching Korean dramas, visiting new cafés and working out. After 11 years in the restaurant business and looking to reconnect with her creative side, she enrolled in the Technigo boot camp in order to build up her web development skills and do the jump into tech.

Before diving into tech Lovisa worked with continuous improvement through analysis, project management and digital transformation. When she stumbled across a technical solution based on JavaScript, she started to search for courses to understand the fundamentals. That's how she found Tjejer kodar and eventually applied to Technigo's boot camp where she connected with Vanessa who had already graduated and had started working as a consultant at Axakon a year before. After getting the opportunity, Lovisa also started working at Axakon and they have now been colleagues for 7 months. When not coding Lovisa prefers to spend her time gaming, watching fantasy series and hang out with her boyfriend and their two cats.



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