Why becoming a programmer is a great idea

Three great reasons why you should shift career and become a programmer. Becoming one might be easier than you think, it only takes 24 weeks on our new frontend program. Stats are based on the current situation in the Swedish tech scene.

First, salary.

The starting salary for a junior programmer, straight out of school in Sweden is between 28 500–35 000 SEK per month if you’re between 25–29 years old. That’s way above average. For more advanced programming and with some more seniority you can expect 41 000–55 000 SEK. 
Source: Unionen

Second, attractiveness.

It’s estimated there will be a lack of 70 000 developers in Sweden by 2022 and 1 million in Europe. Finding a job within the IT-industry right now is easy and you’re will be attractive on the market. 
Source: IT & Telecomföretagen samt EU-kommisionen

Third, impact.

The average time people use their mobile phones in the US is currently 4 hours per day —imagine if we added on time spent with computers. That’s a massive chunk of our waking hours that we spend in front of apps and services — all built by code. The majority of the worlds population is now connected, 57% is connected to the internet and the numbers are growing fast. Programmers are for sure one of the professions with the highest potential reach and impact on peoples daily lives. Source: Global Digital Snapshot