Why learning JavaScript and React is a great idea

JavaScript is the core of our boot camp. There are many reasons why; not only is it one of the languages in highest demand right now and the languages which have been growing fastest over the last years, but it is also fun and easy to pick up.

The advantages of JavaScript and the reason it’s gaining love and popularity among the developer community are many. We’ve listed our top three:

#1 JavaScript is the most popular language used by developers

Stackoverflow’s annual developer survey shows that JavaScript is the most popular language used by developers in 2019. A stunning 69.7% of all professional developers say that JavaScript is their choice. In the same survey, React is listed as the no. 1 most loved web framework by developers. React is also the fastest growing framework.

#2 JavaScript has the biggest community

In programming, community is everything. The bigger the community, the easier it is to find help and support, inspiration and frameworks. Stackoverflow is the world’s largest Q&A site for code, and in 2019 the JavaScript community is the largest on the platform. Github, which is the largest platform for open source projects lists JavaScript as the language with most tags on their platform. Meaning more help and tools for you.

JavaScript also has  more than 3600 registered Meetup groups with over 1.48 million members worldwide. Which is more than plenty to keep you motivated and up to speed.

#3 JavaScript can be used for frontend AND backend

This is a big deal with JavaScript. You can both use JavaScript in web browsers to build interactive and rich websites, but also use your skills to program servers and backend logic. Normally you would need to learn different languages for this.

A web browser can only read three languages, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This makes JavaScript unique and the most useful and versatile language to learn.  

Get started – Join our new frontend boot camp

In 24 weeks we’ll teach you the essentials to start working as a frontend developer with Javascript in two parts. The sprints will cover everything from the basics of programming to how to structure and build bigger web projects.