Digitalising companies in mid-Sweden, practically.

Custom digitalisation education for over 80 different companies in mid-Sweden.

Scope: 3 months, 6 hours/week.
Subject: Digitalisation, digital product development, digital marketing.
Format: Online blended learning.
Client: Future Position X.

"I have taken steps with my company that I should have taken 5 years ago"

Background. There is a big need to increase the digital competencies of companies in mid-regions of Sweden. These companies face major challenges in the future. Enormous changes await with digitalisation and new technologies that will impact many sectors. The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have shown that digitalisation is a necessity in working life, regardless of sector. We see a significant increase in the demand for digital knowledge and literacy in the work force, and the responsibility for the company’s digital transformation is a joint question for both management and employees. As a counter to this, Future Position X tasked Technigo to be the learning provider, to co-ordinate, design and teach companies in mid-regions of Sweden digital competencies that will help them future-proof their businesses - packaged in a program called Bli mer digital. The education is split into two core-competence tracks that the companies choose themselves: digital product development and digital marketing. Regardless of which tracks these companies choose to deep dive into, they all had a digital project plan with basis in their new learnings to begin working with after the program. Bli mer digital was funded by the European Social Fund.




Participating organisations

8 066 h

8 000 + total study hours


109 people from 80 different companies signed up to be part of the education Bli mer digital from April 2021 to June 2022. This resulted in 80 companies across the mid-region of Sweden identifying their biggest bottlenecks in terms of digitalising their products and/or services, and getting started with digitalisation projects with the help of consultants during this time frame. Example of results:

  • Multiple companies have digitalised their entire invoicing and book keeping for increased efficiency whilst becoming "paper-free".
  • Multiple companies have started digitalising their order- and quoting systems through implementation of CPQ tools.
  • Multiple companies have started actively working with attracting new customers through Google Search Ads and general search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Started working more data-driven with business development by implementing precise measurement in their digital channels.
  • Multiple companies have takens steps to work with conversion-optimisation of their current websites.
  • Companies offering educations and/or coaching have begun the digitalization of their entire courses and course offerings.
  • Many companies have started implementing CRM tools for improved customer and order management.
  • Companies have created newsletters and increased their digital communication with their customers.
  • Companies have started to implement a digital loyalty program as an extension of the newsletter.

    “I am sure that everybody who participated in the program became stronger, more inspired and more competent as business leaders as a direct result. The program delivered above and beyond my expectations”

What did we do?

To solve the identified problem discussed above, the program Digitalisering i Praktiken/Bli mer digital was started by ESF and Future Position X. The program is divided in three phases:

  • Start-phase, where participating companies being with 2 workshops and coaching calls to fully understand the field and identify where they should start to make the biggest positive impact on their businesses in the long-term and in the short-term.
  • Intensive course, where participating companies can gain hands-on knowledge in the track of their choosing (digital product development/digital marketing), with the end goal of having their very first detailed digitalisation project plan for their company rooted in the chosen track. The course is designed and tailored by Technigo, and the help of over 10 external experts in each chosen field.
  • Getting started with their first digital project, where each company is matched up with consultants from KnowIt to help each company get started with their projects and digitalising their work place - one step at a time.

Technigo was tasked with designing and executing the first two phases of this program which included:

  • Learning design and concept development.
  • Course material development. (video production, copywriting, research etc)
  • System setup and onboarding.
  • Participant administration, communication and support at scale.
  • Project pitch production – design and structure.
  • Coordination with other learning contractors (Knowit for the third phase of the program).

“I’ve got a new found interest in this area. I now understand and can keep up with conversation. I have gone from being a passive bystander to joining in on discussions”

Online training for busy schedules

Small and middle sized businesses and their leaders are the back bone of the Swedish economy – and they all have a very busy schedule. Therefore, we designed a remote education program that would work for their calendars. A digital blended learning course á 6 hours weekly with live lectures but also the possibility to follow the course as a complete self-study online course. The participants learned from over 10 knowledgeable experts, researchers and thought-leaders within their respective fields.


  • Digitalisation and future-proofing organisations
  • Digital product development
  • Digital marketing
  • Design thinking
  • Agile methodology
  • Target group analysis
  • Social media marketing
  • Digital business models
  • Data-driven marketing
  • SEM
  • SEO
  • Digital maturity
  • E-commerce and online sales
  • And many more...

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