Try coding for the first time at MOW in Helsinki

Take your first steps into programming with this creative workshop along with pizza, wine and new friends 🍕.

Yay! We are in Helsinki and will take our online workshop to life at the office at MOW, Mothership Of Work in Helsinki. Join an evening with pizza, code, and wine whilst we walk you through the basics of web development. Expect to get your hands dirty - at the end of the session you will have created your first small web project! The workshop is led by Matilda and Rebecca along with alumnis.

What to expect

  • Learn about the superpower that is coding 🚀
  • Try the basics of web programming using HTML and CSS
  • Create a small web project, all designed by you
  • Enjoy a creative workshop with teachers from Technigo
  • Get a course certificate

Why are we doing this for free?

We simply believe that the superpower that is programming belongs to everyone.


Place: MOW in Helsinki,
Time: 10th of May 18:00-21:00
What you need: Bring your own computer. Pizza and wine is on us 🍕.
Price: 100% free
Seats: 40 open spots.

Seats are limited! Sign up to reserve your spot now. The workshop is 100% free, but we have a no-show fee of 15 EUR since we will order food and wine.

The workshop will take place at Mow, Motherwork Of Work in Helsinki. A coworking place and community for professionals of all fields.

Who are we

Sandra Hindskog and Jennie Dalgren having coffee

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