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We help you turn your employees with no coding or designing background into professional web developers or UX designers in just six months. How? 👇

Mattias Andersson
Technigo Web Development Alumni
Web Developer and business developer
@Aftonbladet, Schibstedt


Mattias reskilled from journalism to become a key player in developing AI-driven editorial tech.

Read Mattias’ story on how he transitioned internally at the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet and how he developed a unique developer position due to his existing skillset.

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Reskilling in six months. This is how we do it.

Each year, we help hundreds of career changers go from having no previous experience to being job-ready for developer and design roles.

During these six months, on a part-time basis, we will train your employees – regardless of their current role – through our proven boot camps. After graduating, they will have carried out more than 400 hours of coding or UX design and created 20+ projects from scratch.

The boot camps are fully remote. Your employees can stay at the workplace during their studies and keep their current role at a 50% commitment. After six months, they are ready to transition into developer or designer roles at your company. As a company client, your employees can skip our application tests and immediately secure seats in our open boot camp classes.

Of all private individuals joining our boot camps with a career change in mind, 95% get a job offer during the first six months after graduation.

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Why Reskilling Makes Sense

Competence is almost impossible to find

If you have tried, you’ll know that recruiting good developers or UX designers is almost impossible. Right now, it’s estimated that we're lacking around 1M developers in Europe.

Cheaper and faster onboarding

Finding talent is not only hard, it’s a costly and long process. Reskilling means a cheaper recruitment cost and much faster onboarding.

Happier employees that stay longer

Meet your employees’ career dreams while keeping them at your company. It’s a win-win situation.

Increase Equality

We have an unheard of 90% ratio of women to men on our tech courses. We teach people of all backgrounds. This is a unique opportunity to improve and increase equality in your teams.

New perspectives and industry knowledge

Your employees are already experts at your products and in your industry. They will bring important perspectives into your web development team.

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What Our Students Say

“The best school anyone can ever find, with the most incredible, encouraging team. You've given me such a memorable journey guys, thanks a million!”

“Best 6 months ever! It has been a hell of a ride but you have done it worth the ride every minute of the day!”

“Thank you for everything - it has been great! Now I'm feel ready to take on a new challenge as a frontend developer ☺✨ ”

”<3 <3 <3 Tack för en helt otrolig utmaning som varit bland det mest utvecklande jag gjort!Thank you so much for everything! ❤️❤️Thanks for all, it's been a roller-coaster ride to remember!”

Boot Camps

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22 weeks remote
Starting 2022.05.04

For beginners

UX Design Boot Camp

For reskilling 1-9 people.

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22 weeks remote
Starting 2022.05.04

For beginners

Web Development Boot Camp

For reskilling 1-9 people.

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All levels

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Can my employee work anything during their studies?

Yes, the boot camps are part-time. It's a though 50% but your employees should be able to work 50% and still meet the basic criteria in the boot camp.

How do I know if an employee is a good fit?

We're used to work with people from different backgrounds - with no-coding experience. What's most important to us is that the person us passionated and driven. This is a though boot camp so your employees needs to be motivated. We will also have a conversation with them before-hand to check that they are a good fit.

How do I reserve seats in your boot camps?

Email us at and we'll assign you a contact person and take it from there.

Will you judge their competence in any way before enrollment?

If you want we have an assessment test that we can apply. It's the application test for our career changers individuals that sign up and is a good way to decide if your employee is a good fit or not. Since we will not help your employees to change career in any way can also leave it up to you to decided if you think that your employee would be a good fit in your web or design team.