Remote Boot Camp

Frontend boot camp – Learn to code for the web

This is a programming boot camp for anyone who wants to learn how to build web projects and digital products.

Learn frontend development with JavaScript

In 24 weeks we’ll teach you the essentials to start working as a frontend developer with Javascript in two parts. The sprints will cover everything from the basics of programming to how to structure and build bigger web projects. 
You can join for both parts or just the first one – depending on your learning objective.

How we built this program

Build one project a week

We know that a great portfolio is necessary to land a developer job. You’ll build your portfolio with one project a week and finish with a bigger final project.

Work and Study

The full program spans 24 weeks at a part-time pace with mixed remote work and a few collaborative meet-ups. Apply what you've learned at your job already during the program.

Learn from the industry

We’ve asked over 25 frontend developers what’s needed to work in their teams. We ensure that the skills you'll learn are the ones that are most in demand right now.


Focused on Javascript

Javascript is the most popular programming language today – and one of the languages in highest demand. You'll learn skills including HTML, CSS, Javascript, React and Node.js. All learning objectives have been developed together with the industry and professional developers and recruiters. 

Join the tech community

Experience the life at different companies through guest lecturers that share how they work and what to expect from a frontend role. Meet and work with companies during collaboration sessions.

Attend one or both parts

The full program is 24 weeks and for anyone that would like to start working with building websites and services. If you would like to try out web programming and learn how to build more simple websites, you can choose to only for the first part of the program (10 weeks). Download the course syllabus to discover all learning objectives.

Next start date

December 2nd, 2019

Application opens

September 3rd


Remote Boot Camp on half-time pace, with bi-monthly collaboration sessions.


Full-program: 24 weeks (part 1: 10 weeks, part 2: 16 weeks)

Part 1: 10 weeks

Part 2: 16 weeks

Course Schedule

Weekly webinars: Mondays 10.00-12.00 & Wednesdays 9-12.30.
Full day collaboration sessions in Stockholm. Download the full course syllabus for all dates.

Tuition fee

Part 1: 29 000 SEK incl. VAT
Part 2: 42 000 SEK incl. VAT
Full-program: 59 000 SEK incl. VAT


Download full course syllabus for learning objectives for both part 1 and part 2.


How to Apply

If you're applying for the full program your application will consist of two parts, a smaller code introduction and a written application. If you're only applying for the first part of the program – only the written application is necessary.

The very last day to submit is October 31st. However, seats are very limited and we will fill seats continuously – don’t wait until last minute. Last time our program was fully booked before the deadline. Within 15 working days from receiving your applications we'll give you an answer.

Get a head start and download your application package now. The package includes the code introduction, instructions for the written application and all information about the selection process, important dates and enrolment. 

Why a coding introduction? 
Yes, we want you to do a little coding challenge – don't panic. Why? Simply to see that you’ve touched on programming before and know what you’re getting yourself into and can reflect upon your experiences after trying it out. This is a learning exercise. It will be fun, we promise. 

Who is this for

Technology is for everyone

Carrer changers

This program is for people from all backgrounds that want to start working with programming and tech.


This will give you the skills to build the MVP of the product you’ve had in the back of your mind. 

Career Boosters

This program is perfect for anyone seeking to upgrade their existing skills and move into a more technical role

Get back in the game

The program is perfect for you with rusty tech skills that need brushing up.