Empower your employees with tech skills.

Equip your employees with the confidence and skills needed to be more independent and immersed in digital product development and innovation.

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Technolgy is for everyone

Your biggest asset within digital transformation is people. To lead the way in these exciting times, technology needs to be for everyone. We use knowledge to bridge the gap between people and technology.

When technology is moving fast, the need to update skills and knowledge is essential for company growth. The relationship between work and learning is forever changed. Today, learning needs to be a core part of every work description.

We help companies design tech and programming courses with different formats and objectives. We have worked with everything from banks, retail companies, media houses, agencies and consultancies to raise the interest and knowledge about programming.


Build better products.

When everyone knows some technology, more people can be involved in business critical discussions and innovation processes.

More independent teams.

We often work with shorter courses to get employees to be more independent and have higher self confidence when it comes to technology.

Improved internal communication.

We bridge the gap between tech and other business critical roles so that they speak the same language.

New programmers.

We design and provide full-time educations to effectivitely move talent into new programming roles.

Modernising programming skills.

We educate proffessional developers in the latest technologies.

Get in touch on hello@technigo.io and we'll dicuss solutions that works from your needs.


1-day crash courses, up to full-time educations and everything in between.




Email hello@technigo.io for a quote.

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Why everyone should learn how to code

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Build better products

With over 1500+ people educated within retail, banks and startups we know that more diversity in techniqual discussions creates better and more innovative products.

Boost internal communication

The first step to great communication is to start speaking the same language. Previous participants have found that collaboration at work gets easier after learning basic phrases and vocabulary.

Increase independence

The more independent every team member is, the more autonomous a team can be.

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